Artist Bio

Daniel Cope(b. 1991) is an artist based out of Los Angeles, California. He studied at College of Southern Nevada and Otis College of Art and Design where he received his BFA in Sculpture/ New Genres. Daniel grew up in Harbor City, California spending most of his time going to car meets, punk shows, and skateboarding. Daniel spends his days working as a bicycle mechanic in Seal Beach, California.

Artist Statement

I want to go fast. I want to feel the rush of moving 220 miles an hour across the tarmac in a vehicle of my own creation. My work deals with my obsession with automotive speed, I use the language of automotive diagrams, color, and materials to exercise a narrative through word play and association. On a material level, I use polyester and epoxy resins to create a glossy yet rigid surface as a nod to the exterior. Airbrush and pin-striping along with the use of One Shot enamel and other automotive paints are common materials and applicators when dealing with automotive customization and their use alongside acrylic, oil paint and other traditional art materials. The paintings are successes and failures within my quest for speed.


2018        BFA(pending) with distinction Sculpture/ New Genres, Otis

                College of Art and Design

2011-2014 College of Southern Nevada

Solo Exhibitions

2018        Too Fast So Slow, Main Street Cyclery, Seal Beach, California


Group Exhibitions

2017        Wilderness as Myth and Metaphor, Autry Museum of the

                American West, Los Angeles, California

                Buyer’s Remorse, Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design

                Los Angeles, California

2016        That One Show, That One Closet, Otis College of Art and Design

                Los Angeles, California

                Surface: 10125, Galef building, Otis College of Art and Design,

                Los Angeles, California

2015        Exhibition 001, NuSpace LA, Los Angeles, California

2013        Borderline, Artspace Gallery, North Las Vegas, Nevada



2018        Baldessari Scholarship

2014-18    Otis Scholarship

2017        Duff Family Scholarship

                Women's Painters West Scholarship

2016        Alan Cheung Memorial Scholarship

2015        June Yuer Memorial Scholarship